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Meet the people behind the scene

Morgan Walton - Chairman

Morgan Walton is the Chairman and represenative of Kohinoor Group Limited.

Mebin Biju - CEO

Mebin Biju is the airlines Chief Executive Officer and is charge of the day to day operations and staff manamgment and of course to help all pilots :)

Contact me: ceo@sasvirtual.co.uk

Niklas Orheim - MD

Niklas Orheim is the virtual airlines longest continues staff member and is dedicated to showing all pilot fairness and helping them with all there needs :)


Contact me: md@sasvirtual.co.uk

Matej Flyer Grčar - COO

Matej Grčar is the Chief Operating Officer and a dedicated virtual pilot for SAS virtual; I am here to maintain the operations of sas and of course to help :)

Contact me: coo@sasvirtual.co.uk

Find out the latest news?

New COO!!

Matej Grcar is SAS Virtual's new Chief Operating Officer and has been a dedicated SAS Virtual pilot for years. He is here to maintain and keep the operations as upto date as possible :D 


SAS Virtual has hired a brand new CEO called Mebin Biju - SAS0002.   He has come her direct from ETD Virtual and has also worked for SAS's old sister airline Virtual Monarch

Route Update!

Hello all Using our own private system our routes have been download from Flight aware and imported so There 100% up to date

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