Start flying the pride of the blue skies with SAS Virtual Group

OVER 100 Airports and 2000 Routes

And constantly expanding in line with the real-world SAS operation.

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Huge fleet with over 20 Aircraft types

Both todays fleet and historic aircrafts to choose from.

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Points System

Unlike many other Virtual Airlines, we have a complete custom coded Points System built into our PIREP system. These points can be used in the Reward Shop.

Real-World Schedules and Aircraft

We have spent and continue to spend a lot of time ensuring our Flight Schedules and flyable Aircraft match the Real-World operations of Scandinavian Airlines! Want realism? You'll love us!

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Airline Operations

SAS Virtual Group offer you : Route flight - Charter flight - Cargo flight

Flight Briefing Package

Our I.T guys have managed to integrate SimBrief into our website so a full Flight Briefing Package is only a few clicks away! Assets such as Flightplan exportable to your Flight Simulator and Fuel Loading Plan are all generated automatically by using the system found in the Flight Brief System.

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Historical fleet incl.

We just can´t let go of the good old days, so we keep some of these historical Aircrafts in the early liveries (No longer in SAS fleet) for you to go back in time and fly the routes they once did.

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We use the amazing smartCARS 2 Tracker that we have customized for our airline. Our pilots use smartCARS to track their flights and to submit their PIREPs on our website.

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All of these features are available to every pilot regardless of

Rank,Experience,Virtual Money,Rank,

That is why SAS Virtual Group is for you

Large Community of Pilots

We have a very large community and we encourage all people of the VA world to join our community, we can help you with any issues you have. We must bond together & be one large group of pilots flying as Scandinavian.


24/7 Help ! Our facebook forum is full of pilots from the airline, always ready to help you. The forums offer the ability to chat, troubleshoot problems and to also share your videos or photos of your flights. The facebook forum is your goto place for all your advanced/basic troubleshooting needs, from here you have a direct line to the staff of SAS.


SAS Virtual Group has a huge range of routes to fly.This year alone 15 new routes are added to the company. Fly from our main hubs to many other airports in Europe, USA and Asia. SAS Virtual Group will meet all your route requirements. In 2017 we also welcome our two new Hubs - London and Madrid. So join now and help us grow into the future.

Download Airport charts for our 3 main hubs in Scandinavia from Jeppesen under here